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✔ Items should be in undamaged, unwashed, undamaged and unaltered condition to qualify for return/exchange.We do not offer free return shipping, nor do we offer refunds for any charges incurred as a result of a return.All items purchased are final and cannot be exchanged or returned for a refund.

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Q: What kinds of products cannot be returned?
A: The following items cannot be returned or exchanged: worn, washed, exchanged

Q: Can I still request a return after 30 days?
A: Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. We want you to have enough time to familiarize yourself and discover any issues that may affect the selected item. This is why we allow you to initiate a return within 30 days of your order's arrival. With that said, the goal of making you happy after 30 days will not change. Depending on the reason for your delay or the problem with the item, we may still be able to offer you a coupon as compensation.

Q: What should I do if a part is missing from my order?
A: For missing items, you can first check to see if the order is split.
You can check your order through the "Order Status" page.
If your order is not split, please include the following information.
A. A photo of the entire bag containing the item(s).
B. A photo showing all the items in the bag so you can easily see what items are missing.For missing parts, please check the description of the item if it is stated on the Shopbobolead website that the item does not contain some of the parts pictured.

Q: What should I do if I receive the wrong order item?
A: Please be sure to include a photo showing the following information
    1. the order invoice in the package
    2. The QR code sticker on the packageOur customer service representatives will respond to your request within 24-48 hours.

Q: How long will it take for my refund to arrive?
A: Please note that refunds will go through two stages of processing before they are successfully transferred. The first stage takes place in our internal system and the second stage of processing takes place at your bank.
Depending on their processing time, it may take a few days for your bank to complete the refund. Please allow 7-15 business days for both stages to be completed and for the refund to be visible on your financial statements. If it takes longer, please contact your bank for assistance.

Q: What process will I go through after I request a return or exchange?

A: Once our warehouse receives your return, an email will be sent to you within 2 business days. This email will confirm that your "required solution" (either a refund or a replacement/exchange) has been processed. If a replacement/exchange is requested, you will receive a new order ID that can be used to monitor and track the status of the replacement item. Exchanges work the same as new orders and will experience the same processing and shipping timeframe as the order originally experienced.

Return address. If you are sure you want to return an item for a refund, please contact our customer service at  and we will provide you with a return address. (Do not mail back to the original address)

If you have done this and you still have not received your refund, Please contact us at will be responsible for your own return shipping costs.


What's bobolead

"I don't like red…"
"Why can't I dress like that? "
"I just wanna be what I feel…"
- Says the kids when you dress them up.

From the age of 3 to 14, children have different vibes, voices, and visions at each step.

Let kids talk through their clothes.
Today, she is the stylist girl she wants to be.
Tomorrow, he is the unisex futurist of the world he envisions…

The wisdom of the child is not to have prejudices.
His strength is not to have conditionings yet.

From this statement, we created the world matching these great talents!
Let your kids jump in it and become what they secretly feel they are.

Bobolead believed,
Our clothes are more than just the mood for today, but an expression of our personality.

Our clothes are dedicated to their free spirits -- no borders, no straitjacket, no preconceived ideas!

Our designers permanently give birth to a clever mix of past and future, so your kid can create the present he needs to live in, far from stereotypes, and have the chance to live what you could only have dreamt of.

Just bringing our new world into your kid's cabinet, every day will be a new step to his fulfillment.

* Shenzhen Heyi Apparel Technology Co.

* Building 25, Hua Qiao New Village,
Dailang Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen


* +44 7513 746044